Michon Hughes is a dishonest Tulsa, Oklahoma Attorney

Michon Miller Hughes

Michon Hughes is a dishonest Tulsa, Oklahoma Attorney.



Based upon the research of Bill Windsor of Lawless America, he has never seen an attorney who he believes is more dishonest and despicable than Michon Hughes.

Bill Windsor has been helping Winston Frost’s ex-wife and several other wives and mothers who have been victimized by lying, cheating ex-husbands and scumbag attorneys.  This story is a Lifetime movie-in-the-making.  Michon Hughes has aided and abetted Winston Frost in his campaign of dishonest terror.

Bill Windsor will be telling the whole story through publication of court filings and evidence accumulated.

This will expose ATTORNEY Winston Frost yet again.  He was originally expelled from the United States Air Force Academy.  Then he was branded a plagiarist by the Los Angeles Times in a series of articles.  Then it was discovered that he was being dishonest to a number of women, including two ex-wives and a woman he was engaged to at the time he was also engaged to another woman.  One of his former fiances has identified 37 women who Winston Frost has been involved with.  His own stepdaughter said on Dr. Phil that Winston Frost had taken her to see his mistresses.

Michon Miller Hughes of Tulsa, Oklahoma (Miller Hughes Law Firm, PLLC) is the poster child for everything that Americans hate about attorneys.  Lying, cheating, “abusing;” it’s what she does.  Both Winston Frost and Michon Hughes have committed crimes in the divorce case of Frost v, Hathaway.  The corrupt judge, Judge J. Anthony Miller (aka Tony the Phony), has set a criminal jury trial for Winston Frost on charges of criminal contempt.

This story is filled with the sexual fantasies of Winston Frost.  There are hundreds of thousands of dollars that his online girlfriends say he has taken from them.  He claims to be a Christian.  He was recently dismissed from Oral Roberts University where he was a professor.  Oral Roberts was not pleased with the extremely damaging Dr. Phil Show in which three women and a stepdaughter exposed Winston Frost to the delight of the studio audience.  Bill Windsor does not believe any liar in his right mind would go on Dr. Phil to face women scorned.

Stay tuned for the legal files that tell the story of Winston Frost, Michon Hughes, and Judge J. Anthony Miller.  It will make you sick to your stomach.

And it won’t be a big surprise to regular Bill Windsor readers that Winston Frost appears to be a member of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang.  He’s posting on the site.  Upon information and belief, Michon Hughes is a Joey, too.

Michon Hughes fraudulently notarized Winston Frost’s petition for dissolution of marriage in Oklahoma.  Then she notarized her own signature on another court filing and tried to hide that she had done it.  Her assistant is also a notary, and it is odd to see that Robin Henderson has two completely different signatures.  Hmmmm.  We shall see.

Michon Hughes lied her a$$ off to the Court stating that Bill Windsor promoted on LawlessAmerica.com that people should inundate the courts with filings.  She’s a lying *itch.  Bill Windsor has done just the opposite.

Bill Windsor intends to sue Winston Frost and Michon Hughes for defamation.

Can you spell s-c-u-m?

Bill Windsor believes Michon Hughes has committed all this dishonesty in an effort to personally get the money from the sale of the Marital Residence in New Hampshire.

The fundamental problem with all of this is that the petition for dissolution of marriage was never signed; the notary is a total fraud; and Oklahoma has no jurisdiction over a divorce involving two people residing in and domiciled in New Hampshire.

Our Lawless America Mom is owed $182,000.

Attorneys and pro se parties facing Michon Hughes or the Miller Hughes Law Firm, PLLC should be aware that Michon Miller Hughes is a liar and that she and her associates have committed notary fraud.